Crop Camp Craft Retreats

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                                                                                           Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I sign up for Crop Camp?

You can register for Fall and Spring Crop Camp on their respective website pages. There is an online form and a printable registration form that you can mail in if you prefer. If you cannot do either of these we can either fax or mail you a form. Just fill out the Contact Us form on our Home Page.

  • How do I contact Crop Camp?

There is contact information available on the Home Page. If needing additional information about registration, payment, lodging and crop rooms, you will contact Shandra Hatfield. If you are needing additional information regarding being a Vendor, Classes (if applicable) or the website, contact Kathy Kiene.


  • How much working space do I get at Crop Camp?

We do everything we can to provide ample working space, however you can generally expect at least half of a 6-8 foot rectangle table, or half a large round table (seats 6 if dining). You are welcome to bring additional tables to use as long as there is enough space to set them up and not disturb others near you. We recommend you as prior to setting it up just to avoid having to take it down.


  • How is the lighting?

We cannot guarantee you will have enough lighting for your working area, therefore please pack a small lamp if you can. We do not provide additional lighting, only what is available at the facilities.


  • Do I need to bring an extension cord?

We do provide some extension cords to get power to each table, however please bring power strips and additional cords to make sure you can access power at your working area.


  • What are the sleeping arrangements at Crop Camp events?

Fall Crop Camp is at Camp Horizon, 7 miles east of Arkansas City, KS and is mostly “bunking” style rooms. Twin beds with plastic 4 inch mattresses. Feel free to bring additional padding, and you will need to bring all bedding you will need. This is lined out in the Info Letter you get via email, about 1-2 weeks prior to each event. The rooms hold anywhere from 4-10 people and we do our best to place you with others in your group or that you have known from previous events. Bathrooms are shared as well.

Spring Crop Camp is at the Wyndham Garden hotel and conference center in Stillwater, Oklahoma. You will be responsible for making your hotel reservations and if planning to share a room, make those arrangements as well. The hotel will have a block of rooms reserved under Crop Camp at a special group rate, however this DOES NOT guarantee a room. This is a busy town, with a local university and unless you make your reservation by the time given in your email, we cannot guarantee you will get a room. So reserve early…you can always cancel within 24 hours of your check in date.


  • How close is it to town and other shopping and restaurants in the area?

Camp Horizon in 7 miles east of Arkansas City, and Winfield is another 10 north of Arkansas City. There are several local and chain restaurants in each town, however all meals are provided at Fall Crop Camp at this location.  There is also a Wal-Mart and local grocery stores in each town as well as some other fun shopping available. You are welcome to contact the local Chamber of Commerce for each town for a complete listing of the local flavor, events and shopping opportunities.  Ponca City, OK is about 30 minutes south or Arkansas City and it is a larger town and also has a Hobby Lobby if you cannot find what you need with our event Vendors or at the local shopping stores.

Stillwater, OK hosts a huge variety of fun place to shop, visit and dine. It is a college town and famous for Eskimo Joe’s Bar and Grill as well as other fun places. They too have a Hobby Lobby, and it is just across the street from hotel.

                   If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us on our Home Page of the Crop Camp website.